The Return of the Grant Team

This week the teachers returned from a well rested
4-week spring break.  And... it may take a couple of weeks before our grant team can begin to resume.  Our school site is on a year-round calendar.

Educators that teach on the year-round track realize that some of their students will need some assistance in getting back on track and acclaimated to their regular school schedule.  


What are some tips to help make the tranisition back to the classroom smooth?
I know this has nothing to do with iPads OR CAN IT?

Tip #1: Set the classroom mood w/ Environmental Music  
App:  Pandora (FREE) 

Tip #2 - Type up the Daily Schedule - It helps the students picture their day. 
App:  Notes (Pre-installed)

Tip #3 - Have students use the Camera to video discussing their spring vacation.
App:  Camera (Pre-installed)

Tip #4
- Have the students write about their spring vacation, while students are videotaping.
Apps:  Evernote or OnLive Desktop 
(Both apps will save their work in the cloud for editing).

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