Embedding Videos to View on iPad

Do you want to have your students watch video tutorials on their iPads?

Here are the steps:
1. Upload your SHORT video (less than 5 minutes) to your Dropbox
2. Right click on the Dropbox file and obtain a link to your video.
3. Paste the link into your blog/ website/ wiki
4. For visual effect - You may want to embed a screenshot of the opening video screen.
5. You can place the link above the picture OR link the screenshot image.

Below is a video tutorial file uploaded to my Dropbox. 
It is a instructional lesson for the student project.

Students are preparing the development of their Digital Storytelling Contest Project.
This is a  Cross-Age Project.  The 4th-6th grade students are assisting the Kindergarten and 1st graders with learning about basic shapes.  The K-1 students will view the presentations and vote on their favorite.

Example 1:  Using a title and giving the link:
PowerPoint Video Tutorial - Using the Shape Button

Example 2: Turn your image into a link:
PowerPoint Video Tutorial - Using the Shape Buttons

Here is the product of the lesson.  These are the TOP 3 favorites that the K-1 students chose

Digital Storytelling Project (below)

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