Do you need some useful iPad Resources to review as you as rest during the summer?

Do you want to begin developing a comprehensive iPad implementation for your students?

Join US @ the Following Conferences

1.  TCCA15 - Tech Conference - Sat. Oct. 17, 2015
Sponsored by Aldine ISD @ Davis High School (Houston, Texas)
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Join me and my iPad Team as we present at TCCA15:
Presentation:  "Designing Effective iPad Lessons, 
Focus on the Objectives, Not the Apps"


2.  TLIPAD- 
"Teaching and Learning with iPads 2015
Nov. 12- 14, 2015   (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Embassy Suites Brier Creek Conference Center 

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Join me and my iPad Team AGAIN as we present at TLIPAD
Presentation:  "Designing Effective iPad Lessons, 
Focus on the Objectives, Not the Apps"

Check out the following resources:

2.  Peer Tutoring iPad Model:- "From the Mouths of Babes":
by Reba Gordon Matthews    @jghfoundation08

3.  How to be a Terrible iPad Teacher 
by Steve Lai   @sly111 

4.  Kindergartners that Share iPads Learn Better
by Alexandra Sifferlin   @acsifferlin

5.  20 Warning Signs That you are Falling Behind the Times   with Technology as a Teacher
by Kelly Walsh   @EmergingEdTech

6.  Five iPad Apps for Creating Digital Portfolios on iPads
         by David Fife  @DavidFifeVP

7.  Guided Reading Choice Board - 1:1 Classroom
by Monica Evon    @mrsevon1


8. Free and Low-Cost Preschool/Kindergarten Apps for 
    iPad Instruction & Curriculum Integration
     by Naom Harm and Dan King  @naomiharm

Useful iPad Apps for Balanced Literacy

Here are some iPad apps that can be used for your language arts lessons.
The last slide will lead you to one of my posting with some mini lessons. Coming soon will be my more detailed lessons utilizing each of these apps.

Gearing Up for Your iPad Implementation

Are you working during the summer preparing for a new 
iPad Implementation OR modifying your current plan?

Here is a staff development presentation I prepared to help schools begin STEP 1 in their journey. 

I hope that it is helpful.  

If you have any comments, please post them.

Upcoming Webinar: "Designing Effective iPad Lessons"

Webinar titled,

My Simple webinars are my professional effort to help educators design effective iPad lessons that are focused on meeting academic objectives rather than focusing on the apps.  Come and learn about how to look at your present lesson and integrate iPad apps that will get your learners engaged, thinking critically, and sharing their knowledge with their peers.  Also come and listen on how you can utilize these same apps to evaluate and assess your students digitally and not get bogged down with a lot of paperwork.

Afterwards, stay online with and listen to the other fabulous presenters as they bring forth additional award winning and professional development webinars. 

Hope to see you there!

Storybird - Way to Get Your K-12 Students Writing

    Need to energize your English Language Arts Lessons next year?

Extend your Creative Writing assignments to include your students creating stories using the website "Storybird" 

Storybird is an excellent venue to get your digital native students writing.
They wake up and go to bed sharing their thoughts via social media. 
     Why not have them share educational thoughts? 
          Why not have them share their learning? 
                  Why not encourage them share their stories with
                               peers, school, family, or the world?

Photo Credit: Kathy Cassidy Flickr Photostream

And.... they can create the stories using the iPads too! 

No Flash issues! Woo hoo!

Great for Grades K-College

In this blog post, I have embed several Storybird job aids and resources that will help you bring your English Language Arts lessons alive.

1.  How to Create Your First Storybird Book/Story
2.  Storybird Examples from my Pre-Service Teachers in my course.
3.  How to Make your Storybird Public for Viewing

"How to Create Your First Storybird Story/Book

Storybird Stories Created by my Pre-Service Teachers

How to Make Your Storybird Story/Book Public for Viewing

A Fun Language Arts Jeopardy PowerPoint

I have reposted this post using "Authorstream's" new dynamic embed code that will allow you to see flash objects on both your computer and iPad with (1) embed code.  How GREAT!

Please let me know if you are able to see this post on all your devices.

Here's a Language Arts PowerPoint I found on the Internet which I have modified a bit.  Best for Grades 3rd -6th Grades.

I do not know the author of this presentation.  However, it is an excellent resource.

Look below and feel free to utilize this presentation and play the "Jeopardy Theme Song" as a media enhancement to this fun learning language arts activity.

"Download" & Click" the "Home" button in the lower right-hand side of the answer slides to go back to the "Dollar Choice" page.


More presentations from Reba Gordon Matthews

Below is the link to the audio clip of the Jeopardy theme music to use as an added media enhancement for your students.

Jeopardy Theme Song Short Link:
Actual Link: