Today I will visit a 4th grade classroom.  The purpose of these iPad Lesson Classroom Visits is to demonstrate how iPads can enhance lessons or assist with learning skills when integrated into the daily curriculum.  It is also a way to gain data on which iPad apps will be successful with this integration.

Today will be these students 2nd experience with the iPads.  I will again give them an opportunity to work with an assortment of apps to strengthen their skills in using the iPads and help them begin to view the iPad as an academic tool.

My iPad Experience Lesson Plan:

Opening Activity:  (Fun & Involves Mathematical Decisions)
Subject:   Math (Conceptual Math Activity)
Skill:        Critical Thinking
App:  Kickbox Lite

Basic Drill Competition
Subject:   Math
Skill:       Multiplication Facts
App:  Flash to Pass

Concept Development and Word Relationship Exercise
Subject:   Science
Skill:       Understanding Properties of Life
App:  Video Biology

Using Electronic Maps
Subject:   Geography
Skill:        Locating Places on a Map
                Using Cardinal Directions
App:  Google Earth

Mini-Video Production & Peer Tutoring
Subject:  Math 
Skill:      Students are to develop a video that will teach a peer how
              to complete a particular math skill.
              (Ex:  How to do 2-digit multiplication)
              Oral Communication & Speaking Skills
              Beginning Video Production Skills
App:  ScreenChomp

Writing A Friendly Letter
Subject:   Writing
Skill:         Knowing the 5 Parts of a  Friendly Letter
                 Practice using a Word Processing Program
                 Writing meaningful sentences and short paragraphs
                 Apply grammar, spelling and sentence structure rules.
App:  Evernote

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