Do you need some useful iPad Resources to review as you as rest during the summer?

Do you want to begin developing a comprehensive iPad implementation for your students?

Join US @ the Following Conferences

1.  TCCA15 - Tech Conference - Sat. Oct. 17, 2015
Sponsored by Aldine ISD @ Davis High School (Houston, Texas)
Twitter Hastags  #TCCA15  #TechToTheFuture

Join me and my iPad Team as we present at TCCA15:
Presentation:  "Designing Effective iPad Lessons, 
Focus on the Objectives, Not the Apps"


2.  TLIPAD- 
"Teaching and Learning with iPads 2015
Nov. 12- 14, 2015   (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Embassy Suites Brier Creek Conference Center 

      Twitter Hastags  #TLIPAD   

Join me and my iPad Team AGAIN as we present at TLIPAD
Presentation:  "Designing Effective iPad Lessons, 
Focus on the Objectives, Not the Apps"

Check out the following resources:

2.  Peer Tutoring iPad Model:- "From the Mouths of Babes":
by Reba Gordon Matthews    @jghfoundation08

3.  How to be a Terrible iPad Teacher 
by Steve Lai   @sly111 

4.  Kindergartners that Share iPads Learn Better
by Alexandra Sifferlin   @acsifferlin

5.  20 Warning Signs That you are Falling Behind the Times   with Technology as a Teacher
by Kelly Walsh   @EmergingEdTech

6.  Five iPad Apps for Creating Digital Portfolios on iPads
         by David Fife  @DavidFifeVP

7.  Guided Reading Choice Board - 1:1 Classroom
by Monica Evon    @mrsevon1


8. Free and Low-Cost Preschool/Kindergarten Apps for 
    iPad Instruction & Curriculum Integration
     by Naom Harm and Dan King  @naomiharm


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