Storybird - Way to Get Your K-12 Students Writing

    Need to energize your English Language Arts Lessons next year?

Extend your Creative Writing assignments to include your students creating stories using the website "Storybird" 

Storybird is an excellent venue to get your digital native students writing.
They wake up and go to bed sharing their thoughts via social media. 
     Why not have them share educational thoughts? 
          Why not have them share their learning? 
                  Why not encourage them share their stories with
                               peers, school, family, or the world?

Photo Credit: Kathy Cassidy Flickr Photostream

And.... they can create the stories using the iPads too! 

No Flash issues! Woo hoo!

Great for Grades K-College

In this blog post, I have embed several Storybird job aids and resources that will help you bring your English Language Arts lessons alive.

1.  How to Create Your First Storybird Book/Story
2.  Storybird Examples from my Pre-Service Teachers in my course.
3.  How to Make your Storybird Public for Viewing

"How to Create Your First Storybird Story/Book

Storybird Stories Created by my Pre-Service Teachers

How to Make Your Storybird Story/Book Public for Viewing

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