FREE Apps to Assist w/Autistic Students

Hurry and Check out the following FREE iPad apps that are helpful when working with Autistic students. 

 As a generous action to celebrate the World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd, some app developers offered these apps FREE.

These apps may be free for a LIMITED TIME!  So Hurry!

FindMe (Autism) iPad App - FREE                                          
This app helps children (18 mos.- 2 years of age) practice very simple social and attention skills.  Their task is to find a person (various ethnicities) in different scenes.

This app will prompt the child (using various male and female voices by asking questions, such as, "Do you see me?" or "Can you find me? , and other prompting questions.Once the child taps the person, the app congratulates their efforts with phrases such as, "Here I am." or "You found me."   No reading or language required.


Present A Choice (Autism) App
(Can be use with with the General Population)

This app helps parents, educators, and caregivers with offering a child who may have speech disabilities or very upset to express their wants by choosing from a set of choices.  You are able to create a personalize set of choices using the iPad, iPhone or iPod camera app and text feature. You then hand the device to the child and they make their decision.  Excellent way to encourage expressive language and assisting autistic children in seeing the benefits of communicating with others. 

 - Perfect for on-the-go situation.
- You can save the choices under personalize categories or events
- You can offer 2,3,4 options per choice
- images can be on the moment camera shots, camera roll, or stock images
- Quick and Easy to manage


Please let me know your thoughts on these iPad apps. 
Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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