Day 2 of Our iPad Lab Pilot (3rd Graders)

Friday, December 16, 2011

We conducted our second (1-Hour) dry run of our iPad Lab Pilot in order to obtain important data for our grant. This time we invited a 3rd grade class and their teacher who is also a member of our grant team.  As before we needed to see how the students interacted with the technology, the apps, their engagement level, and most importantly their feedback from the experience.

Our second pilot group was Mrs. Hall's 3rd grade class and they worked in pairs.
(3) grant team members were involved in this dry-run:
Mrs. Matthews (Project Research Teacher)
Mrs. Hall (The 3rd Grade Teacher)
Mr. Cook (Science Resource Teacher)

I'm still working on this post and uploading of the photos to Flickr.  All coming soon.

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